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Tell your story by uploading a video presenting yourself as an individual and not just a list of qualifications.


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Create a one-time profile by entering all professional details and taking a simple professional compatibility test.

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Own a personalized URL that can illustrate you as individual and creates a everlasting impact to anyone you share. Don't believe? Check out: johnbeel.cleversow.com

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A Platform with the Applicant & Hiring Manager in Mind

Supporting job seekers find jobs 3x faster while ensuring that hiring managers save time and have the answers they need to find the perfect-fit.

Cleversow is here for long-run backing the hiring industry and its constant changes

What we offer?

A Professional Development Platform Anyone Can Use

Inspired by the struggles that hiring managers deal with every day  Powered by the desire job seekers have to stand out from the crowd  Perfect for everyone

< 2 hours

Spent in updating and building the resumes by 42% of candidates

Cleversow Smart Profile – saves a lot of your time


Candidates are confused with different formats of Resumes/CV 

Cleversow Smart Profile – clears all your confusion with the standard format


Recruiters say they look for “Cultural Fit” on the resume*

 Cleversow Smart Profile – gives the opportunity to show your professional compatibility

*As per Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2016

> 250

Resumes are attracted to the co-operate job post*

Cleversow Smart Profile – gives you the power to Stand Out
*As per Glassdoor
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Our Mission

To leverage advanced, market-tested AI solutions to make the time-consuming components of job application and candidate assessment so simple and effective that it is the de facto central repository for all hiring activity. 

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We post trending information regarding changes in the hiring industry and tips to shine in the crowded market place. Stay tuned for more!

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Any Industry, Any Locations

Whether you are looking for a job in the agriculture industry or hiring for an open position in rocket science and engineering. With applicants and positions ready for all over the USA, we can find your perfect candidate

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