Create a Professional Profile, not just a Resume. Show a hiring team the real you.

Ace your Interview

Navigate career transitions, improve your confidence and land your ideal job with an experienced Coach. Book your first, one-one session and change your perspective on interviewing!.


Shareable, Video-Enhanced Smart Profile 

Check out:  johnbeel.cleversow.com 

Feedback & Status

Track the status of all applications and interview process.

Assessment Tests

A quick way to showcase your expertise.

Background Check

Personal background check will be done as a part of hiring process.

We’ll put you in front of hiring managers who appreciate how quickly they can get a sense of the real you.

  • No more time building targeted resumes
  • No paying for professional resume writers
  • No struggling to understand the hiring process 
  • No waiting on hiring managers for status
  • Profile is matched based on relevance not Keywords
  • Bias is eliminated in the selection process
  • Personality attributes are highlighted in the first step
  • Profiles are reviewed without distractions 

Clever Profile

  • We guide you in making a great intro video and offer feedback and suggestions so you can improve the presentation. 
  • Brand yourself with your custom web page
  • Find the company and job whose culture appeals to you
  • Get eligibility for instant hire

Interview Coaching

  • Interview coaching is designed to help you master the art of interviewing. Coaching sessions help you overcome your fears, doubts and tackle the hardest interview questions 
  • Our coaches are employees of reputed companies so they know exactly what is expected of you. 

Let’s Build Something Together

Your custom profile, personalized URL, compatibility answers and intro video allow you to leapfrog the resume and get right to the hiring process.

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Why should I create a clever profile?

Would you rather waste time in updating a resume and still not be able to tell your story to hiring team?

Is it free to create an account?

Yes. Absolutely. You can check johnbeel.cleversow.com

Tell me about Intro Videos?

You tell your story in the intro-video by answering the four basic interview questions. 1) Describe yourself in a word? 2) Explain about your job responsibilities. 3) Explain about one or two projects? 4) Why are you looking for a new job?

What is professional compatibility?

This feature is a unique way of expressing your personality traits. You will need to answer 5 simple questions. Based on your answer we will create a small story about you. There is no right or wrong answer for each question but will only highlight your interests.




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