Do Not be Intimidated

Do Not be Intimidated

When it comes to filming an introduction video for a job application, the first hurdle you must jump is the intimidation factor.  If you get a little sweaty, stutter, and do not know what to do with your hands, then do not worry. You are not alone. A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking to a camera.

While many people share this discomfort, their reasons for dreading the camera can be quite varied. Do you share any of the following thoughts about speaking to cameras?

It is Just So Permanent!

You have heard of native people unexposed to modern technology refusing to take photos, believing the photo would steal their soul. Before we dismiss this as some ancient superstition, perhaps we subconsciously share a similar thought. We obsess over our hair, outfit, makeup, tone of voice, and over-analyze each of our subtle quirks. Once it is filmed and sent to our prospective employer, it is out of our control. This fear can keep us from acting naturally in front of the camera.

Cameras Are for Actors!

Tom Hanks, we are not. We are not trained actors, and since that is who we normally see onscreen, we feel way out of our league once the camera starts recording. We feel a little silly and out of place talking to a camera, because it is not our skill-set.

It is Unnatural!

You may be a master conversationalist. Get you in a room with somebody, and they will be sure to love you. However, this is not being in a room with somebody. This is being in a room with a machine, a camera or phone. It’s no easy task forming a human connection through the lens of a camera.

With that in mind, what do we do to combat this sense of intimidation and fear? How do we get in the right mindset for filming an effective introductory video for profile snapshot? The answer can be summed up like this: Be good at what you are good at. While one purpose of the intro video is for a future employer to gauge your communication skills, a greater purpose is for them to see what you would bring to their organization.

Any business can survive without the world’s best public speaker, but they need the actual skills you will be bringing to their table. If you are not an excellent good speaker, use your video to showcase other things in which you excel. Show your code and explain it. Use a whiteboard or show a presentation and let them simply see you putting in the hard work to demonstrate your skill set.

Finally, remember this. They are interested in you. Not your film-making abilities, so do not fear a little camera. Be yourself and demonstrate what it is you bring to the table, because you are your best-selling point.

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