Explaining prior projects.

Explaining prior projects

Explaining about projects you have worked allows you to drill deeper into specifics about capabilities and strengths. It also allows your employer to more fully understand what you bring to the table. Here are the five simple steps to follow and articulate your answer
  1. First, explain the objective of the project. Why was it assigned to you, and who was it that initiated it?
  2. What actions did you take to address the objective? Let them see the way you organized yourself and developed a strategy.
  3. Walk-through the process. What tools, skills, and methodologies did you utilize? How did you handle the pressure of deadlines and expectations? Be thorough in your explanation, but before you begin recording, decide what main points you want to expound upon.
  4. Discuss the results. Illustrate your success through numbers and details. If you give a broad description of the results, the employer may not believe it was successful. Be specific about the result of your hard work.
  5. What impact did this have on the company or your team? What did you learn from this experience?
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