How To Speak In A Video?

How to Speak in a video?

There is a phenomenon that happens when people talk on camera, without fail we simultaneously speed up our words while adding unnecessary words. We do this to compensate for our sense of insecurity. Speaking to a camera can be intimidating, so we speak quickly (not to be intimidated, read more!) and add words in an attempt to feign confidence. However, we project the exact opposite and the viewer sees right through us.

Here are some things to remember and practice before hitting record:

Slow Down

When we say slow down, we mean way down. You will probably feel uncomfortable and feel a need to speed up. Clarity is far more important and effective than speaking fast. Do you want to look confident? Then using the right words and articulating yourself well will do the trick. So, slow down and find your words, even if there is a small moment of silence. This is better than fast-paced rambling.


We would highly suggest against “winging it” in an introduction video. Write down what you want to say. After you have completed your script, read it slowly while timing it. If your time runs longer than what you wanted, find what you can cut. After you’ve written your script and honed it, then start talking through it. Once you feel confident in delivering the first sentence without looking, then add the next. Then the next and so on. This will tighten up your delivery onscreen and give you more confidence, rather than trying to find your words at the moment.

It Just Takes One Time

This may seem like a lot of work, but remember this. You should only have to do this once, and if you do this well, the job is yours!

So, take a deep breath and give your best.

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