Five Mistakes To Avoid In An Interview

Five Mistakes To Avoid In An Interview

July 2nd, 2020 in Candidate, Suggestions

Finding a new job is a challenge but when you have been selected for your dream job and have been called for an interview, according to the human psyche you might get nervous and make some blunders which might take you away from your dream job. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid in a job interview. If you are a person looking for a job then these might help you in a successful job interview

1. Dressing Inappropriately

A dress might not be the priority but looking unprofessional and unpolished will disturb your first impression in front of the interviewer. However, dress depends on the type of job you are applying for, but it’s important to look well-dressed, polished, professional, and put-together, no matter which type of company you are applying for. Wear the wrong outfit and you are going to make a bad “first impression” in front of your interviewer before you will even introduce yourself.

2. Arriving Late

First impressions are very much important and equally important is arriving on time. If you arrive late, then you are unintentionally showing your poor time management skills. It will give the impression that you have little respect for the company and interviewer. The interviewer might reject you for this small blunder, even if you are the most appropriate choice for that position. Go to an extra extent to ensure that you are on time. It gives the impression that you are passionate, professional, organized, and reliable. But make sure that you are only ten minutes early, not more than that because then some interviewers might find it irritating and will portray you as a desperate person.

3. Look Unprepared

While finding a new job and sitting in an interview and giving the impression of you are unprepared will not help you in getting the job. It will affect your performance as well. Here are some things you should follow for giving an impression of fully-prepared.

  • While looking for a job you analyze the job descriptions so why not when you are called for an interview? Analyze the job description you are applying for and be fully prepared. 
  • Read about the company you are going to. It shows that you are passionate about the job. If you know about the company you will be able to talk about your skills and tell them that your skills are a good fit for their business. 
  • Get all the information about the interviewers. Check out the Linkedin Profiles of the interviewers so that you get to know more about the person who is going to conduct your interview.

4. Poor Body Language and Behavior

Your bad behavior and attitude are only going to harm you and your dream job.

  • Badmouthing: Don’t ever talk negatively about anything while you are in a job interview. Don’t talk badly about your previous company or your bad experiences. If you do so, the interviewer will get the impression that you will talk bad about them and their company on their backs as well, if you will leave the company, not on good terms. Talk casually, while being professional as well.
  • Sharing too much information: Talking too much and sharing so much unnecessary information with the interviewer will give a bad impression.
  • Poor Body language: The communication skills are much important, make sure that you have a good posture and look confident enough in front of the interviewer. Also, make sure that you don’t use cellphones in an interview and your phone is on silent.

5. Asking Questions about Salary

It doesn’t matter since how much time you are looking for a job, it’s too early to talk about the benefits and salary you are going to take. Don’t unnecessarily ask questions about the salary as it only shows that you are only desperate about money and not interested in the job. Be a passionate, skilled, and professional person.

Avoid these basic mistakes and you will surely succeed in your interview.

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