Simplify the Hiring Process for Everyone

Job Seekers

Increase Your Odds of Quickly Landing the Job You Want

Cleversow thrives at helping you get the job you desire. We offer a comprehensive solution that provides the hiring manager with exactly what they need nothing more, allowing you to stand out in just the right way


Your Compatibility

You can confidently apply for a job when you know that your unique personality matches the company culture. Five carefully crafted questions will let you know if you are perfect match for any given position.

Stand Out
With an Intro Video

Give yourself a head start in the hiring process, with a professional video that answers the four key questions that every hiring manager needs answered. 

Instantly showcase your unique talent and qualifications, which is an integral component of the overall hiring decision. Utilize screen sharing, presentation, transitions, writing, and more, all in one simple video. Quickly convey all parts of who you are as an applicant and establish an instant connection with hiring managers. 

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Stay Professional
with a Personalized URL

Obtain a professional website as the perfect modern replacement for your resume. Simply set up your account and your memorable URL is yours forever, allowing you to apply for jobs with the assurance that you will be remembered. 

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