What Is Professional Compatibility Test?

What is Professional Compatibility Test?

Did you know that you have a professional personality? This is different from your personal personality. The way you are at home may be drastically different from how you act in the workplace. When sifting through resumes, hiring managers are in search for individuals whose professional personality fits the culture of their workplace.

Cleversow guides you in answering questions relevant to your personality in order to tell your story. Through our state-of-the-art technology, you will be led through answering the questions below, and before you know it, you’ll have written out a perfect description of your professional personality.

The professional compatibility test covers the 5 questions potential employers will ask themselves while reviewing the candidate. 


1.     What’s your Core Impression? 

2.     What inspires or drives you to work?

3.     What qualities would allow to excel?

4.     How does this Applicant react in Various Situations?

5.     What does this Applicant want in their Work Environment? 

You should give your potential employer clear answers to these questions. They will appreciate the clarity, and they will feel they know you. It will also serve you well to make sure they understand who you are from the outset.

Here's an example

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